Customised production or individual items or series

FIVA Acrylic Foundry produces your promotional items, trophies, tombstones, signalling and POS objects in the form of inclusions in acrylic blocks cut to the shape you want. They can be produced individually or in series.

High-tech machines are used for precise cutting (laser cutting or digital machining) and for optimal printing (screen printing, laser engraving).

FIVA Acrylic Foundry has an ample expertise in casting methacrylate (PMMA), the material for these highly appreciated inclusions. Indeed, communication via objects holds a central place in the promotion of a company’s services, products and activities.

Production scale to fit your needs

For a particular event, a company may need a custom-made acrylic piece.

Thanks to our range of skills, we are able to produce unique and tailor-made items that perfectly meet the customer’s expectations.

We can produce small series of acrylic-embedded objects for distribution.

For promotional items as well as signalling and POS objects, we can produce large series.

Feel free to contact FIVA Acrylic Foundry to submit your needs – what and how many. The machines we use in the 2,000 m² workshop are suited for any production scale.

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